I offer one-on-one readings; an app for daily use; education on neuroscience and spirituality; and my book which is to be released by the end of 2021.

This is your opportunity to join me on a rewarding, wondrous, life-altering, creative journey that will help you to become clear on what you truly want and will give you the experience of your complete restoration of your original and continuing perfection. Nothing can even remotely compare to the joyous healing experience possible through the appreciation of Source; your True Self. ❤️

Introducing a three step evidence-based approach to tune your thinking to be creative, positive and aligned with Source. Without the requirement of having to learn or master a technique or skill, the Project Love method offers professional and engaging mind training as part of a growing global community of like-minded individuals. ❤️

The App is a tool to use on a daily basis. It provides you with questions and creative principles that will instantly open your mind to receive guidance, insights and energy effortlessly. You can find the app on the APP page . ❤️

My one-on-one readings, which take 60 minutes, help you with questions such as:

How can I set clear boundaries around my responsibilities for my family and my business/career?

How can I shape my vision for an inspired, creative new me in the third 30 years of my life?

How can I gain focus on grounding all of the wonderful information available in the Universe?

How can I no longer place the needs of others ahead of my own?

How can I remove the blocks to my awareness and use of my talent, curiosity and inspiration?

How can I find the courage to honestly look at the role I have now and the one I desire to be in?

How can I elevate my thinking to a more positive level?

Did you ever try to learn how our mind truely works? Shifting through tons of memes, self-help and spiritual teachings takes way too long for the average person. Unless you are willing to commit multiple hours a day to separate fact from fiction, it is impossible to get a clear picture. My mission is to constantly learn and share the knowledge I gain on how the mind works so that you can use it to empower yourself. On the education page I published a series of narrated power point presentations on what I learned from neuroscience.

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