I learn and share my knowledge

Did you ever try to learn how our mind truely works? Shifting through tons of memes, self-help and spiritual teachings takes way too long for the average person. Unless you are willing to commit multiple hours a day to separate fact from fiction, it is impossible to get a clear picture. My mission is to constantly learn and share the knowledge I gain on how the mind works so that you can use it to empower yourself.

First, what I learned from many years of experience: HOW TO ASK FOR HELP

I’ll try and keep it simple and in addition stress that your understanding is not required. In a nutshell, the action of analysing and rational understanding is quite separate from actioning creativity. Yet it will serve you to have a conceptual grasp on how to align your thinking with the creative Universal energy.

Concept 1: You always get the result of your own mind. Nothing can interfere with this! ❤️

Concept 2: When you have an internal dialogue, you are in fact talking to yourself. Nobody else knows what you are going on about! ❤️

Concept 3: Source does not know of any problems. It is purely about creating! ❤️

Concept 4: Source responds to positivity, positive feelings and abundance. ❤️

Concept 5: All of Creation is already completed. You are never adding to Creation, your function is to be innovative with what already is! ❤️

Concept 6: Your mind is always active. It never stops. Neuroscience discovered that if a sensory signal doesn’t change within less than 2 seconds the information is dumped. Indeed, it is that easy to get bored! ❤️

Concept 7: When we have a moment and relax and not do anything, our mind tries to beat its sense of boredom and starts wandering. Usually it picks up on unfinished business and this is called ruminating. Even when we actively do something, still 50% of the time our minds wander. ❤️

Concept 8: It is this natural and effortless capacity to wander that makes you the creator of your own reality. You can actually train this part of your mind to initiate you into thinking creatively! ❤️

Concept 9: We reach decisions intuitively and instinctually! Decisions begin with a desire, emotion, feeling or sensation. Secondly, a rational check is performed, mostly to provide the reasons and explanation why the decision is justified. ❤️

Concept 10: Nothing is stronger than our urge to experience something new! You have two weaknesses that can demotivate you to follow up with new ideas. 1) you are afraid of losing; 2) you allow yourself to be influenced by other people ❤️ (But what about this? And what about that?)

Concept 11: The most beautiful joy is rewarded you when you live in anticipation. Happiness is not a permanent condition. It is always changing. Yet, naturally, your goal is to be happy. By asking the right questions, your brain will generate an emotional impulse that it subsequently backs up with supporting facts in creating joyful anticipation. ❤️

Concept 12: Anticipation is not the same as expectation. Anticipate to witness miracles but keep your expectations simple or you will not be able to see! Look with your spiritual eye, which is singular, aligned with Source and creative minded. ❤️

In summary, creativity is not about learning concepts and adapting someone else’s insights. It’s about coming to know how Source works Its Creation through you. ❤️

You thus are now aware that asking for help is an action of mind. Not a method of stilling the mind, mindfulness or manifesting for that manner, but in a way to function as a channel of communication. “Channeling” the Love of Source into our being, loved ones and life situations. At the level of creating, giving and receiving are the same. ❤️

Following are a series of narrated power point presentations on the following topics:

  • True Communication :: How to ask for help effectively
  • Boredom
  • Distraction
  • Decisions
  • Motivation
  • Creativity
  • Selection
  • Bias and Stereotyping
  • Memory